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It is so similar to RES that it is RES, for saidit.

The voting record on accounts is a little wonky, because it's expecting an upvote and downvote. If you vote 'fun', it will subtract a vote from 'insightful', but a double click on insightful will correct the balance. Otherwise works pretty well.

Thanks to Musky for the ping. u/AmericanMuskrat

u/magnora7 u/d3rr Might be nice to have that linked on the sidebar in s/introductions.

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It's the same interface and API, so most of RES should work on saidit too. But you'd have to do a mass replace of with in the code, and probably tweak a few things. Try to find a version from before new reddit was the default too.

There might be an extension but I'm too lazy to look.

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Try this. reddit is still in the code, but it works pretty well.

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Oh wait, yes there is and someone told me about it... Was it u/node? I use mobile so I can't use it and I don't remember the deets.