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Not to nitpick, but you did say you were 60 3 months ago. How many 60th birthdays you having here?

Study the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. They are true. They can be used in business and life every day.

I love Star Trek but the rules of acquisition has such gems as "anything stolen is pure profit," "never buy what can be stolen," and "Treat people in your debt like family ... exploit them" among others that don't fit what your ethos appears to be otherwise.

I generally like your list though. I believe "hope is not a plan," is an important one not listed. "Don't stick your dick in crazy." Probably a number of Sun Tzu quotes are worth remembering too. Seneca "even as men teach, men learn."

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You are right several months ago I did mention "60" and suppose I should have qualified "coming to" so my fault there. Actual date is tomorrow 19th. 60 years ago 3 months ago I was alive yet not born yet. The Ferengi rules are a bit of tongue in cheek in that they show utter depravity of shark business and I live in a world of sharks and in my trade of world-rated icon highrise very real ones. Knowing the Ferengi Rules then helps me understand them when used against me.

Also right there are a VERY great many quotes that come to mind but I thought I'd cut it off at 50 so as to not be a vexatious read.

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In the same vein, I fully recommend that everyone reads the Talmud to understand where the people that read it come from and how they operate.

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A "real" fighter doesn't take battles he hasn't won already. But this one seemingly has deeper roots than "experience", I suppose. And sorta "abstracts" some of your statements from my pov.

I put this one in action whenever I can. So guns, knifes, even tanks don't matter when you know what you are doing and what to expect from what.

Otherwise, it is a really nice list. Quite altruistically influenced, imho. Which is also nice.

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I post this last year July over to my LinkedIn account and it seemed to go over pretty well. Not my rules for anyone else just rules for me. On a scary MC club vest I used to wear I had a patch "STFU" and upside down and people would ask and I told them "this is for me to read not you". Thanks for your comment.

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I wish you were my parent and raised me. And I’m no salesman or hoe.

Happy birthday, big brain, I genuinely hope it’s a good one!

Edit: Axiom 7 - did you know the root origin of the word pain, actually means to be punished?

“I’m in pain..”

“I’m in punishment”..

pain (n.)

Late 13th century - Peine - "the agony suffered by Christ"; c. 1300, "punishment," especially for a crime, "legal punishment of any sort" (including fines and monetary penalties); also "condition one feels when hurt, opposite of pleasure," (modern), including mental or emotional suffering, grief, distress; from Old French peine "difficulty, woe, suffering, punishment, Hell's torments" (11c.), from Latin poena "punishment, penalty, retribution, indemnification" (in Late Latin also "torment, hardship, suffering"), from Greek poinē "retribution, penalty, quit-money for spilled blood," from PIE-kwei - "to pay, atone, compensate" (see penal).

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52 When it comes to money you have no friends or relatives.

53 avoid negative people.

54 When driving always assume the other driver is going to do something stupid.

55 If you hate your job why stay.

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Excellent, all of them. One or two could be used better, because it sounds like the author is protestant. Divorce kills at least one person's entire history halfway, its actually better to live through a hellish marriage. But thats just IMHO.

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Nice go there. In the series of disasters of my own life there is likely none anywhere close enough to having married a religious hate filled whacko. And yes I did give that a good do. 23 years of insanity. Then another 5 years of money support and for past about 10 years then totally cut off. And I do claim divorce is the 2nd worst thing in my life but the #1 worst of my entire life was marrying insane and wow did I pay the price.

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What does it mean to have religious hate? Towards what exactly?

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"Religious hate" to my mind simply means you use your religion for violence, rape, murder and slavery because your religion either allows or encourages it. I married that and yes a Christian and her level of hatred towards gays and other religions just epic. And any moment she needed to lash out at her husband well then it was for sin or crime whether or or not real or her imagination. My own crimes were that of sex and because of that her hatred boiled to a level incredible did not matter that I actually did the sex crime or not. She said I did therefore to her = I did. Therefore her hatred righteous in front of God and if I dared deny then I lied also a sin and that against her God. I lived out in MENA for 3 years and also saw that level of hatred from a death/rape cult of muzzies and they hate because their religion allows it and mandates it. Slavery and rape and murder all quite ok as their God says it is. I was ready for that as I had already dealt with hatred for a long time prior to arrival in that evil place. "Towards" simply means any and everything your God commands you to therefore it is really Gods hatred the person is showing therefore totally righteous. Of all the various types of hatred (city/state/nation, sports, gender or sex) there is NO hatred more pure and vile than religious hatred.

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Yep, sounds exactly like protestantism to me. Sorry dude, that isnt christian at all. You are supposed to love the heathens and sinners, but only as in you shouldn't hate them, but feel sorry and pray for their coming to your faith. This being said, you dont let them come near your family nor you allow them to spread their filth to your family.

And yes, i agree religious hate is awful, but out of all abrahamic religions, Catholicism is the only one that does not justify enslaving or murder of infidels.

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"Catholicism is the only one that does not justify enslaving or murder of infidels."

So the Inquisition and all the thousands of witches, pagans, and heretics tortured to death was all done by Protestants, and blamed on the poor Catholics? I suppose the genocide of the Incas and Aztecs was also them pesky Protestants, pretending to be Catholic priests? Damn that Martin Luther, and his band of zealot ninja chameleons...always out to besmirch the good name of Catholics!

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The inquisition was the tamest tribunal of all. Many of modern judicial trial methods were imported from it, such as witnesses, presumption of innocence and separation of judge, jury and executioner. Like 300 people were executed by it in a hundred years.

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Besmirching the Inquisition was done by the protestants to filth the Holy Church.

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Lutheran is like Catholic Lite in a good way as far as I can tell.

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That's a fun way to put it. I agree, but "lite" makes me think noncommittal (not saying that was your intention, rather my own association). Lutheranism is like extremely minimalistic Catholicism.

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No, he erased all the good deeds of the Catholic Church by enabling the most vile """christian""" thought of all; that you only need to ask for salvation in your deathbed and all your sins are forgiven. Worst; there are no saints, so you cannot elevate yourself.