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General AutoMod scripting is working great! I haven't had any issues with that, once IP2 helped with the silly flair CSS issue I ran up against.

The scheduler looks to be a separate script that runs alongside regular AutoMod code though, it's not integrated.

If I'm reading it correctly, ANYONE could actually use this SchedulerBot script if they configured it to read-write against their moderator account/profile and kept the script running 24/7. So the script just needs to updated to SaidIt instead of Reddit, and told to read-write the AutoMod account/profile specifically ... I think?

Maybe u/justcool393 can add extra insight? Sorry to bother you JC, I'm just out of my depth when it comes to bots and you're literally the most knowledgeable person any of us former-Redditors know.

I still have AutoMod as a mod in s/DropTheT and am totally willing to help test functionality if/when extra features are added.

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Hm I know so little about the automod system, sorry. I would assume though that you could drop in the schedulerbot code along in with the automod code though.