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"I disagree" isn't an argument. If you have an argument to make, make it. If you can't make a coherent counter-argument...maybe you need to reconsider your beliefs.

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I agree. Reddit faced problems with the downvote button, and in many ways I think it negativity impacted the site. It perpetuated hive-mind thinking and dissuaded discourse between members. It hindered debates and ended up being more trouble than it was worth.

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Don't upvotes do the same thing? I could say "Orange man bad." and get 1000 upvotes also perpetuating hive mind thinking. The real problem is how reddit displays comments based on the votes. I really have no practical solution for that, although a multi vote system might work. Vote for: on/off topic, strong/weak argument, agree/disagree w argument, novel/mundane point etc. There are probably better categories, these are my top-of-the-head ideas. If users could sort by any one of these, I think it would be good.