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Yeah I would like to know as well, the sub-forum I use here has a lot of trolls/mentally-ill people who make lots of accounts, usually I don't mind them too much but since downvoting doesn't do anything here it would be much appreciated for some kind of rudimentary "block/ignore user" button.

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Saidit doesn't have a downvote, Saidit has 2 upvotes. If a sub looks like it has a downvote button that's just their CSS

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I believe if you go to your inbox there's a block user link but other than that I guess we have to put up with the morons spamming and farming karma here unless they reply to you directly.

This site seems to be so focused on making sure mods aren't a problem that they forgot how stupid the average commentator is

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How come this site has no option to block users posts you don't want to see?

Now I gotta write a chrome extension wtf