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Okay, so what???? Why wouldn't someone who wanted to make sure there were subs around to discuss real issues create a bunch of them to make sure at least 1 stays up? Considering all the banning going on, that just seems like common sense. I really think Neon Revolt jumped the shark on this one. I don't see anything sinister about it. At least not until something sinister is proven. You could go create 10 subs yourself. Does that make you a bad guy?

Something else to think about: Neon Revolt in that article goes on and on about trusting the old mods from Great Awakening, but don't forget that at least one of those mods - DrogeAnon - is compromised. He was a complete troll for a long time, causing all kinds of problems. He banned C.L.I.C.K., who had some of the best posts on the sub for a long time, and drove others away. So let's don't take absolutely everything Neon Revolt is saying as gospel. He probably doesn't even know the whole story, since he seems to spend most of his time on 8chan, not Reddit or Voat. Do your own due diligence.