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I LOVE THE NAME!!! Sounds just like reddit. But it's way better! Just finished reading and totally love the no downvotes option.

VOAT's branding just doesn't appeal to me. My mind dislikes seeing then their logo in All Caps, without using A's, and not spelled VOTE.. Kind of annoying haha.

Plus there are not many people here yet but there is so much potential!! I think we all need to make sure we share this site with everyone on voat so we can increase our chances of diversification.

It reminds me of Hydra, cut off the head and we'll grow back TWO!

Love you guys and so proud of such a fast comeback. Let's kick some ass and get this information out there.

I hope SerialBrain2 chimes in!!


p.s. - I'm going to try and make some meme's to post later ;)

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Lol. I’m not a fan of the name but LOVE that it’s a fork of reddit. I agree with you about VOAT. It’s just strange and kinda throws me off.