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lol, fakenews, you and dummies like you almost ran our country into the ground. its time to drop a few mauls and fix the damages done.

you twig armed dummies better hope your blue wave flops, cause it it goes thru and you dummies try impeaching trump, the big mauls are gonna be comin out, lol

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Oh, you know your puppet loves to brag for other people's work. You can think Obama for the recovery. The only thing you've been dropping is little crumbs of fake shit. You've got to try some kegels to pucker you butthole back up since the FISA didn't drop. Sounds like your about ready to prolapse if you're not careful.

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LOL, you are legit stuck on backstupid rofl. just go backout and avoid embarrasing yourself, obama has nothin to do with this, rofl.

and your the one droppin fake crumbs, hitlery shill, lol