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Okay, I'm on track then. Nope, great explanation. I read a book about neural nets and genetic algorithms but I haven't kept up with anything newer, or implemented anything in code. It is pretty fascinating though, with the engineers not being able to explain how a particular result was arrived at.

That's awesome that you worked on a game with this stuff. I remember when Spore was coming out everyone thought it might really be something special. I never played it actually, but people didn't seem too excited about the end result. I was messing around with a 2D tile based RPG myself before this whole thing kicked off... didn't get too far but got some cool stuff in place and demo-able.

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That sounds like a cool game idea. My game was basically a "set the parameters and wait" kind of game, like seeing what type of neural net you could evolve that would move a 3d character with 10 joints or whatever, each output mapping to a joint. Then they'd be rated on their fitness to complete some task, like jumping the highest or walking the farthest.

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Oh that sounds awesome, even if it turned into more of a simulation than a game.

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I've wanted to train neural networks to see how they evolve for a while now. YouTube videos of it are very interesting!