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I met the man briefly in Utah, and its a great system to get started. Grow small, manageable amounts of things you like. But it doesn't have to be a square, and it doesn't have to be a grid. Square foot gardening is a stepping stone to ANY gardening. Grow what you like to eat.

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That's cool that you met him. I think it's a great beginner system too. Zucchinis don't seem to care which square I tell them to be in.

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d3rr, ze garden fascist, "I vant ze zucchinis zegregated pfrom ze rutabaga! Do nut try to ezkape!"

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Perhaps "Cubic Foot Gardening" might have been more appropriate?

They don't have to be all food, and these creative gardens don't have to be for flowers.

Don't forget to grow a variety of mint plants for your cocktails!

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I like this, thanks. Gonna try one in my garden.