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well wtf you think his haircut cost?

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20 cents a second.

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So, what stance would you recommend Kaepernick take on this issue?

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He can call it out for one!

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I don't disagree.

This would certainly undermine his current platform. It's unlikely that he'll play professionally, so this would end his current livelihood.

It's foolish for any activist to take on every issue.

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They hypocrisy of the system is funny cause it's true...

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So because he made money with commercials he cant speak his mind? maybe he diddent know about the child labour, but besides that why cant he speak about other crap because he feels bad about it and thinks he has a change to make a difference because people see him/and hear him. And who hasnt have done crap/wrong in his life direct or indirect e.g. when you have punched some1 and later regret it, you have the experiance and can tell others its not oke, like drugs, when you took drugs as a kid and later in life as a Adult have kids of your own you want to protect them from it.... i hope, so is it then Hypocrity to try tell them its not good? i dont think so because you do it for a good reason- ps and in China most people are happy with the labour, look at the situation now and years back, most people are not poor any more because of the hard labour, they will choose that for poverty

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He can at least not do it on the job.

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but thats was the perfect way to get the most attention about the you can see now and we all know by, he does now do stuff out side his job.....donating a million dollar to charity etc ....its also to bad that Nike gets better away with it then CK,strangfly the most negative attention goes to CK instead of Nike

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