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I thought it was Ukrainians helping Clinton? At least I think I saw that somewhere. I pers think both parties are guilty of taking ungodly amounts of foreign and corporate money. I don't buy the blue/red divide, both sides have the same goal; divide us. Democracy is for sale to the highest bidder.

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yep, yep

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I dislike Hillary as much as the next guy but this is so laughably ridiculous as to be legitimately insane

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You're joking right... Dude MSNBC, CNN AND FOX news miss you. Please go home.

I think I last saw there were around 70 documents that were classified linked to her on cryptome. They threw Petraus in jail for much less..

You don't have to be a D either, plenty of R's should be in jail. It's just that the media tend to cover for anyone with a D behind their name. (Reuters and your boy Beto come to mind recently) But your beloved overlord Clinton, she should be in jail.

The people have tolerated corrupt politicians on both sides for way too long, like bribing hoes with my tax money. It's gone beyond that now, we have a majority of people and news agencies actively endorsing this political elite class, with claims of instability and insanity of anyone that questions them.

When it comes, I hope they give you the socialism you deserve first..

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Nice speech yo, but there is still literally nothing factual about the op. Trump hasn't been cleared and Hillary hasn't been implicated. It's literally just a right wing misinformation fantasy

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Hillary brought the Russian stuff up during the debate before she lost.

the Russian interference stuff is detailed by own our intelligence.

we already know trump and Russia had COLLUSION with trump.

trump is on tape ordering Russia to help him

and it is clear Putin wanted trump to win

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Is ANY of that actually true? Where's this tape with Trump ordering Russia around? That seems like the easiest thing to prove if true.

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They are talking about the joke:

“I will tell you this, Russia: If you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing, I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press."

That was made on July 27, 2016 after the first release of Wikileaks emails on July 22, 2016 had dominated the news cycle for a solid week.

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trump is on tape ordering Russia to help him

You might want to check your timeline.

The first Podesta Emails on Wikileaks were published the evening of October 7, 2016, the contents of the leak go through March 2016. The first DNC email leaks were published on July 22, 2016.

The comment:

“I will tell you this, Russia: If you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing, I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press."

Was made on July 27, 2016 - five days after the DNC emails became the biggest political story in the US and had led the coverage of every newscast for a week.

In the summer of 2014, lawyers from the State Department noticed a number of emails from Clinton's personal account, while reviewing documents requested by the House Select Committee on Benghazi. A request by the State Department for additional emails led to negotiations with her lawyers and advisors. In October, the State Department sent letters to Clinton and all previous Secretaries of State back to Madeleine Albright requesting emails and documents related to their work while in office. On December 5, 2014, Clinton lawyers delivered 12 file boxes filled with printed paper containing more than 30,000 emails. Clinton withheld almost 32,000 emails deemed to be of a personal nature. Datto, Inc., which provided data backup service for Clinton's email, agreed to give the FBI the hardware that stored the backups.

As of May 2016, no answer had been provided to the public as to whether 31,000 emails deleted by Hillary Clinton as personal have been or could be recovered.

A March 2, 2015 New York Times article broke the story that the Benghazi panel had discovered that Clinton exclusively used her own private email server rather than a government-issued one throughout her time as Secretary of State, and that her aides took no action to preserve emails sent or received from her personal accounts as required by law. At that point, Clinton announced that she had asked the State Department to release her emails. Some in the media labeled the controversy "emailgate." - Source

So, do tell us, how the fuck did the hacks happen AFTER the comment, since you just claimed that it was an instruction that was LATER carried out. The leaked emails all pre-date the comment, and the 30,000 emails - the ones that he actually commented about, still are missing.

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You're joking right... Dude MSNBC, CNN AND FOX news miss you. Please go home.

"Anyone who disagrees with me is a shill/sheep/puppet".

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so this place is turning into an alt- right like voat??? fantastic. this meme is factually wrong in may ways. Clinton brought the COLLUSION stuff up during the debates before she lost.

the evidence of a connection the trump administration has with Russia is pretty overwhelming.

it is clear they wanted him to win

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There are some conservatives who came here because they were tired of the liberal echo chamber at reddit.They posted here daily, supporting saidit with content helping it grow. But don't fret, this will most certainly be forgotten and soon enough this place will be just as you like it.

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Did I miss some news?

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The fact that Barr didn't release the whole report immediately means that Trump surely comes out looking pretty bad in the details. Guilty of other crimes at worst, or revealing of utter jaw dropping incompetence (lest we be surprised) at best.

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Or, that, as the law requires, information regarding grand jury testimony and proceedings cannot be released, even to the highest security clearance holding members of Congress without an order from a Judge.

Grand Jury proceedings give the defendant/suspect nearly zero legal protections and zero opportunity to mount a defense. Hence the reason ONLY the lawyers involved in a Grand Jury proceeding and the members of the Jury are allowed to be given the details unless it leads to a conviction of a crime.

Hence the reason that it would literally be a serious crime for Barr or any other member of the DOJ to share that information even with the House Intel Committee unless ordered by a Court to do so, and in that case, the Court would not allow the DOJ to be the petitioner requesting to do so.

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They can redact some things if the must, and even then the process of redaction should be impartial. The four page summary they want us to accept is simply not credible, and it never will be. The fox is guarding the hen house. The media seems to be willing to jump to conclusions based on the summary, but most ordinary people know better than to take a partisan appointee at his word.

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simply not credible, and it never will be

I'm sorry that you are delusional. I away any of the 400+ investigators involved in compiling the report to come forward and state their findings were misrepresented.

By the way, 1/3 of the summary is Barr formally acknowledging receipt as required by law, and informing Congress, as required by law, that he will be providing them the redacted report per the requirements of rule 6 as quickly as possible with the help of the DAG and OSC.

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Most people don't believe the report clears Trump , the summary is not credible, plain and simple.

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Most people thought the moon was made of cheese too. Most people is not a good gauge of accuracy.