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Saidit seems quite strange. The link you said was relevant has nothing to do with the "funny" picture you posted.

Yet I do understand the mission of saidit, which is well outlined in the link you provided.

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The article linked states how the Novichok incident was a false flag in order to "ramp up conflict with Russia and demonize Putin." If anything it provides context to the image, I think the image is saying the person who was poisoned actually looks better than before. "Also in this pre-scripted edited video tape from Reuters recorded around May 20th, Yulia Skripal looks like she's spent a month at a health spa, rather than spent weeks in a coma in a near death experience."

The only "mission" here is to provide a platform for those who are fed up of the political agendas, corporations and censorship that goes on with sites such as Reddit. The great thing about this site is that if you don't find it funny, you can move on. As opposed to being downvoted into oblivion because it doesn't fit the consensus of the site. If you want to find a site that has a "mission", check out VOAT if Reddit isn't enough.