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    There's no way that's just a parody. That's a professional spot.

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    Alas, he's right. It does look amazing though and the voice-over sounds quite like the real deal. The creator used Blender. He really nailed the look of the candy. Lots of polygons used as you can see by the smoothness of the shape and all these tiny sugar crystals. Probably took a few hours to render. I wonder how long your dinosaur Mac&Cheese would take on today's hardware. T.L.D.R.: I should get into Blender...

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    Even with modern tech you would absolutely have to be a pro to do that spot, regardless how long it took to render. Almost certainly there's post production too. Even though modern rendering may be faster, we always pushed the limit - so a single frame would take hours, whether for a single "completed" frame or for a bunch of layers that would be comped into a final "hero" frame.

    If the Cheesasaurus Rex spots were "remastered" today I'm certain they would be in high-def, meaning all the simple-enough-for-NTSC models and rigs and textures would need to be redone along with using completely different lighting and rendering techniques. Thus, at best it would be "traced" from the original. A pointless exercise. Better to let A.I. upscale it.

    Yes, I should get into /s/Blender too.
    Especially if I'm going to teach animation soon.
    I'm so sad SoftImage and some of my other fave softwares are history.

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    LOL. I already had it in my que.

    Videos are nice but application is what's required. I've already used so many 3D packages I've lost count. I'm sure Blender will mostly be the same as the rest, perhaps with different nomenclature or buttons in different places, but really practice with it is key - and the best practice comes with a project, usually with a deadline.

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    My pleasure! I'm a bit overwhelmed by Blender's interface so that vid is definitely worth a check for me. Remember Bryce? I was quite decent at it and made a few models of my own ages ago...

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    Barely. Wow, that is a throwback. I would have liked that for an animated part of a documentary I directed in 2010. But more than just vertical randomness I wanted the erosion channels, ridges, etc. - essentially a fractal-ish pattern applied vertically to make it much more authentic than just noise values.