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you dont want the masses.

We need to liberate the masses from their brainwashing.

I can't go to the hardware store without them insisting I wear a mask. I haven't been back yet to see what happens when I refuse.

We need the masses to not support the establishment that is crushing them - and us.

the problem with the saidit community, as small as it is, is that it is not being managed effectively.

I will NEVER deny that until M7 starts evolving in a serious way.

if this community were managed better, it would have already grown to many thousands of active users.

LOL. You just said it wasn't about the masses. M7 also wants this place to grow. I asked him to promise he'd never sell out, but he wouldn't. Yet, he's managed to avoid ads and such. Could be a loooong con psyop for all I know.

IMO, quality is much more important than quantity.

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when i suggest that you dont want the masses, i am trying to suggest that you not focus on the masses, ie, dont try to acquire all of the marketplace, but instead focus on the few users that you do have... draw up a profile on each of them.. as though you are a personality profiler for the fbi that is hunting a serial killer.. draw up a profile on each of your current users.. focus on what do they want? focus on are they the kind of person that you want in your forum..

maybe my suggestions about quarantining people was only a very basic and rough draft...

i play a lot, but i am a very high level thinker.. it is too bad that i dont have the grammar and writing skills to go along with my ability to think tank..

i am interested to design and build something that is new... it is NOT my interest to design and build a community that is simply a redesign of twitter or reddit or facebook..

you must define the problem first, then invert the problem to make a solution, then put the solution into action..

i read once that anger is sometimes the result of trying to solve a problem before you have come up with a good solution.

you will become frustrated, your users will become frustrated, if you present them with a website that is not actually a complete and well rounded solution to their needs and their problems.

this is not a small task.

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I agree, not to focus on the masses, but they need to be considered. Certainly not for vast acquisitions, especially in a decentralized world of many diverse options and alternatives at the feet of the giant monopolies, but for many other factors - including defense against them, big and small.

I missed your quarantine thing. I'll say what I've said countless times before: Quarantine the sick and weak, anything else is tyranny.

I didn't really expect people to appreciate the /s/PhoenixForum idea so much so soon, especially without MetaVote™. I didn't even prepare the sub's sidebox. I mention this because in addition to MetaVote™ there are 6 more areas I believe are critical to making a decent next-gen forum. One is coding. One is branding, public relations, inviting, and amassing people - least of our worries now. One is Libre-Festos (for lack of a better name).

A forum-wide survey about what people want in their imaginary dream forum of the future may be in order. In turn we can also start drafting up some manifestos to lay the groundwork for the goals and objectives of many things, not just forums or software design. Just at the Creative Commons has several versions to choose from I would hope we can lay down some fundamental manifestos (for lack of a better word I'll keep using it) like the Consitution to always refer back to.

Yes in part. Identify the problem, conceive a solution, pessimistically poke holes in it, optimistically build around the holes, pessimism, optimism, pessimism, optimism, on repeat until all that remains is the logical framework to build in reality.

i read once that anger is sometimes the result of trying to solve a problem before you have come up with a good solution.

Good quote/concept.

I'm never going to present a website. I'll present ideas and they can help develop them further, and together we can improve the animated demo presentation until we feel its worth promoting far and wide to invite the world to actually build the open code for it. Most people won't care about a demo video - but coders might. Especially if the 6 related foundations for a free and fair forum are in place.

We really should move this conversation to the /s/PhoenixForum, whether you wish to code or support it or not. I'm actually not expecting to have my dream forum built, but I honestly believe that anyone may benefit from expressing ideas there, big or small, that may one day make it into reality somehow.

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I missed your quarantine thing.

a new user quarantine system needs to be implemented that perhaps auto shadow bans or auto hides all posts so that only the new user and certain admins can see it... those admins would have the ability to leave that account shadow banned or hidden forever or to approve it for release from quarantine..

this would stop 99% of spam and other bullshit.

maybe you could leave new accounts in the quarantine status for maybe two weeks, spammers and other trolls would find that to be too tedious to fk with and they would move on to easier forums to fk with.

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