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This guy is obviously a racist. He ought to be arrested and charged with discrimination which is a violation of the Equal protection act.

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Sorry sweaty ❤ it is an independent business and can decide whom to serve and whom not to 😐

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Dude, it was /s

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I though my sarcasm was obvious enough not to require symbols to denote it 😅

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This man has a story to tell. One that the mainstream media would never let get out. The story of how he got to this point.

On the one hand the people who bring you these videos are the only source of these deep truths because the media is too corrupt. On the other hand it is only brought up to incite racial animosity. No one who doesn't already hate black people will watch this rant and put any consideration at all into why this man is so upset, or allow this to shape their views in any way. The value of having this bit of hidden reality shown is taken away by the way that it is framed. By the way it is presented. By the obvious nefarious intent.

The potential is here to interview this man. To put out a reasonable, level headed, compassionate piece that would shed light on reality. That potential is squandered by incompetence and hatred.

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The story of how he got to this point

I know that story, I'm about to drink some 40s too. Mmmm... malt liquor baby!

I kid, the wife picked up some nice craft beers. I ain't too good to drink a Colt 45 tho.

Ok... maybe that's not true either, that stuff is brutal on your insides.

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So, how is racism bad again?