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So anyone who doesn't want to see their culture diminished, is fragile, then?

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Non whites need an "oppressor" to feel like victims in America. The fact that we are starting to feel proud of being white is scaring them.

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All you are proud of is being "oppressors". You threw away your culture a long time ago when the empire came knocking. The only thing you are proud of at this point of is being a brainless colonizing borg of elites that messed up other cultures, so get fucked and keep overcompensating. Your misery will remain.

And you have no future.

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I'm not proud of oppressing anyone, because I haven't. Sounds like you're a little racist, huh?

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Hey, I'm not the one being supremacist or prideful. And I don't think responding back to racism makes me racist.

So try again, dear. Maybe voting in the next election will make you feel a little better.

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We got a grandstanding edgelord here! Shower us with your infinite knowledge so that we too may know the ways of your holy virtue.

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No! No...

None for you lol.

Stop that! This isn't edgy at all, it is normal. This is the internet, get mean- put your game face on. AArgh!

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    Just Stahp! Stahp it.

    You sound weird and there is nothing wrong with being a peasant!

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    You never really had culture to begin with. You kinda threw it all away, got spoiled and aren't going to get it back.

    But nice try? You totally don't sound like a bunch of spoiled kids throwing temper tantrums or feces like a bunch of monkeys.

    Edit: Ohh wait, you sorta do.