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No, start one and post a link if you want.

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Wow I haven't seen a William Hung joke since like 2007

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That's what she said.

Would it be possible to start a SaidIt chat on Discord and embed it in SaidIt, and/or maybe merge them? Like the way different protocols are in

Or is there a way to do the SaidIt IRC in an external chat and minimize the in-page chat?

I'd actually install and use a chat app if I could merge them. I don't like having SaidIt chat, Ryan Dawson's chat and Ryan Cristian's chat (both of which I've neglected for a couple weeks) - and potentially more, (maybe via the Fediverse? I have yet to learn it).

If any of these chat ideas are valid and need any kind of explanation they should go in a dedicated post. If one exists, please link me. If one comes, please link me if I don't show up.

Assuming it's free and doesn't require hosting or too much technical stuff, I could start one on Discord and include you two as admins/mods. I'd prefer you do it, but if you're stretched thin or whatever, hey.

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Or is there a way to do the SaidIt IRC in an external chat and minimize the in-page chat?

We don't have external IRC access yet. If the site grows, I assume at some point people will want it. The closest we have is full screen chat with 'chat in new tab'. I think we'd have to get another server to do it securely so that's why we don't have now.

So you are already following 2 discord channels? We could switch to it. I don't know what their site embed is like for sidebar chat though, if it's legit and people like it. There are also some external embed tools like It would also have to be able to switch channels using outside data, so that the room can change when you change subs.

But this would be moving away from open source unmonitored chat to using a private company. I guess it's whatever more people want.

We could just start a discord channel anyway, but it would be buried in a footer link. Or as a prominent link it would be directly competing with our existing widget for attention.

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Don't have a Discord please. You could spin up a Mastodon instance quite easily and we could use that instead; neither have video chat.

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Why not have both? Mastodon is more like tweets right? Is there a chat part of Mastodon?

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It's real-time; with a slightly modified UI, it could easily become a chat client.

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That sounds good. Like dipping the toe in to the Fediverse before jumping in.

Surely someone has already done this? Would the user profiles be auto-shared to the SaidIt-verse - or would that have to be an opt-in?

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Why would the room have to change channels? Discord has channels within.

I'm not looking so much to switch chats so much as synch. Isn't there a way to synch? That way open source and private chats cooperate rather than compete - thus broadening the access.

Also, the Orbit Chat over IPFS is permanent I think. It's neato. But it's beta.

What is the name of your opensource chat app?

I searched :

And found :

Near the bottom:

" Discussion

Matterbridge, a self-hosted Go application, was created by Wim to serve as a bridge between Mattermost and IRC, Gitter, XMPP, Slack, Discord, Telegram, Rocket.Chat, Hipchat (via XMPP), Steam, Twitch, ssh-chat, Zulip and Matrix with REST API.

The open source tool can be installed with a few simple commands.

You can use Matterbridge to migrate users from one of the supported platforms to Mattermost without losing any of your older chats. You can also use it to ensure that employees using an old chat platform can communicate with users on your newly deployed Mattermost instance. "

Ryan Dawson (ANCR):

Ryan Cristian (TLAV):

Join and ask them to interview /u/magnora7 or maybe M7 can ask them himself. I certainly have before. Just did again.

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Why would the room have to change channels?

The idea is that as you visit different subs, you are automatically in their IRC channels. Like for the someday/maybe scenario when more people are here and chat in different rooms. I guess it doesn't have to be this way.

Yeah Discord and our chat could be synced. And your finding Matterbridge looks like an easy way to do that. Here's our chat:

I guess if you really wanted to push this forward, you could do a saidit survey and ask if we should switch to Discord or do some kind of hybrid approach. I never really chat aside from on here, so I don't have too strong of an opinion either way.

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But you put hours of blood sweat and tears into adopting it. In my ignorant humble opinion, it seems a merge would be better. And luring the Discordians over would be good. It's a HUGE community, though the threads I follow are about the same as this.

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It does sound cool but it also sounds like a PITA. Not sure how you'd follow a particular discord channel if there wasn't a corresponding SaidIt channel.

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Start one secretly to test on. Lock it down if it's no good.

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