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yeah wow, you guys are seriously organized.

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/u/snallygaster deserves the credit; I just became an approved submitter fairly recently, he's the one who maintains the list and posted most of the linked stuff.

Anyways, I'm thinking a python script would be sufficient. Problem is that it's nearly 300 posts; I need a method which won't use up my bandwidth downloading it, aka I need to get famillair with website scraping and the Reddit API.

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in Python world i recommend Beautiful Soup for scraping and I'd put a delay in there or they will block your ip. Sounds like a fun project. I'd help but I'm overwhelmed with this site already.

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I'm a bit busy myself; I'll post it here once I'm done with it. Can probably be generalised to a reddit archival tool. Do you know what the delay should be?

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if you are scraping at your leisure, I'd put it high, like a random 30 seconds to 2 mins between requests.

yeah man throw her up on github it could prove very useful to a lot of people.