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Signed up - Dotted line on the contract - Soul grows cold on contact - Blood pact - On the wrong track - But my name's in lights - A trade off - Mind, soul for the pay off - Fame for my brain so I slave on - Starry eyes transform into a blank stair - Once I realize - Epiphany - Of motherfuckin negativity - No chance that I'll get a remedy - Shackled down now, a menacing agreement - Consumes me - Dark spirits will soon be - Taking the reins now I do see - Regret run through me - Cause when one man enters, two leave -

(Chorus) One man enter One man enter One man enter Two Men Leave


Through the same set of eyes, a different world's percieved

One man enter One man enter One man enter Two Men Leave

Neither of which knows what the fuck to believe!

I said!

Tied up - Electroshock in the rectum - Eyes pried wide by a speclum - Overwhelmed by trauma - Just kill me now - A goat head - Stairs at me screaming redrum - His eyes light bright as he gets close - As he approaches - Grows a mans body - Shit! Its Baphomet! - Im stuck - Paralyzed in a pentagram - Walls melt down like a lava lamp - Reveals land of brimstone - And magma - Terrorized - In the center of a sacrifice - Lizard men gather wearing hood robes - Whats my life become? - Have I just lost it? - No! - Two men leave! -


Mind fucked - Share psyche with a migrant - Slave to the trade of a tyrant - Enslaved by gestures of handlers - Subliminal - Commands given by a criminal - Chained in a cage like an animal - Tranced out, - Man down - But rising from the ashes now - Alter - Mind splits and Im not sure - If my brain is the same or imposter - Reflection veils identity - Misleading - Monster - Now mentally conquered - Nonrefundable offer - On my knees - Begging please - Why must two men leave!? -

Im numb Loose screws in the dome NO!

Times up Countdown to the meltdown

My luck Runs dry from the backlash

Im fucked Should have taken the right hand path