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Frenworld Never dies

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Did they give any specific rationale for banning it?

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It became associated with alt-right stuff, so they banned it.

There's probably half of the frensworld people using it as the innocent friendly thing is, then the other half are using it like this tool to push propaganda from their side under the pretense of "Look they banned friends, they're going insane!"

Seems the alt-right wants to politicize every last thing, so that the left bans every last thing. And this is somehow a "win" that will "redpill everyone to how insane those leftists are" and so on

Meanwhile for normal people, this just means their culture and internet is getting destroyed even faster than before. People who think accelerationism is going to fix things, mostly just want war and violence because in their minds that's the time they imagine they'd feel the most strong.

That said, frensworld seems nice. But I'm fucking sick of every last bit of culture becoming the punching bag for extremists on both sides, both on the left for being ban-happy, and on the right for trying to associate normal things with extremism simply to provoke leftists. Everyone is stirring the pot, but no one is actually enjoying the soup. And those of us just trying to live life become collateral damage in these information wars driven by extremists.

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lol. way to twist the fuyck out of a story to suit your agenda

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That's the real story as I've heard it. Tell the better version if there is one.

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brigaded to force the quarantine, then AgProv to kill.

test run for t_d

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People who think accelerationism is going to fix things, mostly just want war and violence because in their minds that's the time they imagine they'd feel the most strong.

You can embrace accelerationism and not want it to end in violence. Accelerationism is about speeding up the lefts push for demographic change and degeneracy faster then they intended to role it out so that more people pay attention and get involved to create peaceful solutions. It's about getting more and more people to distrust MSM and controlled academic narratives. You're just buying into some type of James Mason meme which isn't really embraced at all by the bulk of the dissident community. As far as force and violence goes doing nothing at all, status quo, is also a march to violence but by the left. Ethnic Europeans will not be soft or hard genocided by globalists and it's not their fault if they are forced into a position of defending themselves with force.

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I understand the intent, but the actual result, in my opinion, ends up not fixing things. Accelerationism can work in certain contexts but I think we're in a pre-civil war phase right now that could be resolved peacefully, and accelerationism just guides us toward an actual war, which is exactly what the military-industrial complex wants.

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Never got to see frenworld much, but I did hear about it's nuking. I suppose that's part of the reason Saidit exists.

What was the focus of the sub?

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being frens

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Fren world was great, made lots of frens. Hope all frens are okay after losing our frenland

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Fenworld FOREVER