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📛 Adblock / Privacy / VPN

Adblocking Extensions, Privacy Extensions, Privacy Tools, VPN's, Proxies, Antivirus

📺 Movies / TV / Anime / Sports

Streaming Apps, Streaming Sites, Download Sites, Torrent Apps, Torrent Sites

🎵 Music / Podcasts / Radio

Audio Streaming, Audio Downloading, Audio Torrenting

🎮 Gaming / Emulation

Download Games, Torrent Games, Emulators, Roms

📗 Books / Comics / Manga

Books, Comics, Magazines, Newspapers, Light Novels

📱 Android / iOS

Adblocking, Emulators, APKs, Apps, Torrenting, Streaming

💾 Downloading

Download Forums, Download Directories, Download Sites

🌀 Torrenting

Torrent Clients, Torrent Sites, Tracker Invites

🧠 Educational

Courses, Documentaries, Books, Tools, Language Learning

🔧 Tools

General Tools, Internet Tools, System Tools

📂 Miscellaneous

Extensions, Indexes, News, Free Stuff, Fun Sites, Piracy Discussion, Health

🌏 Non-English

International Piracy Sites

💬 Discord

Chat Channels, Site Suggestion Channel, Help Channel, Free Stuff Channel

🔒 Backups

Reddit & Discord Backups

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