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way to take things out of context and try to put words into my mouth rofl.

your an anti 2nd shill, this line of covert attack has been exposed.

your backout, cause your using classic anti 2nd sjw sheeple flawed logic and out of context attacks

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It's kinda hard to take something out of context when the context is literally right there. I put the sentence in its entirety for you to read and everything.

I've literally said MULTIPLE TIMES that I don't agree that gun laws should be changed. How the fuck does that make me anti-2nd amendment?

Just because I don't support cramming 100's of guns inside of thousands of schools I'm suddenly an SJW who wants to take everyone's rights away? Get the fuck out of here with that; I am not advocating to make them illegal or to seize them.

It's so funny how I'm both an SJW (according to you) while also being a racist trump supporter (according to the liberal retards on reddit). So which is it guys? Am I an SJW soy-boy or am I misogynistic nazi? It's almost like you and others just use ad-hominem attacks to cover up the fact you aren't intelligent enough to actually argue the point I'm making.

Also, just so you know the "downvote" button is actually an upvote on this site. I know it's you trying to "downvote" me, but in reality you're just giving me more visibility by doing that, so thanks for the upvotes! Next time actually learn how the site works.