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Some stores just don't accept large bills. Its been going on for 30+ years. Its not the end of all money because subway said so... If you carried around 20's you wouldn't even have had a problem and this post wouldn't exist.

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You acknowledge that it is not only Subway, but a more common occurrence for many years (the rejection of anything greater than a $20 bill, which does not buy much any more these days.) Cash is being phased out, and the corporations are pushing more and more for electronic-only payments. The end is in sight for cash.

The world is ready to go along with a mark in their right hand or forehead, as recently demonstrated by their compliance with other "emergency-use-authorized" injections.

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Bro you tried to buy a sandwich with a hundred dollar bill. This isn't some satanistic plot; just carry smaller bills

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Yeah that's like bringing a nuke to a fist fight.

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You assumed I only bought a sandwich. Where did I say that? The food ordered was not only for one person, either.

When you order a meal (including something like chips and a drink) for multiple people, $20 won't be enough at Subway. Have you not noticed that the purchasing power of the US dollar continues to get weaker and buys less and less? You need more dollars to buy the same amount of goods and services, compared to years past.

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Various places have been declining to deal in large bills since forever though (?)

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Smaller fast food places tend to stock their registers with a pretty limited amount of each bills and the employees do not have the ability to open the safe to get more. When someone pays with a $100 that might take up a third of the $20s or $10s they have, leaving them without enough smaller bills to continue to do business. In my youth I worked in a fast food place or two and this happened once, dude came in with a $100 for about $15 in food, and we ended up giving all the $20s and $10s we had... ended up having to have one of our people take it and run to a bank to get change. "We do not accept bills over $50" was instituted the next day.

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That is a corporate decision and it is their fault for not have enough cash on hand to accommodate more than one customer per day using a $100 bill.

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How will people buy their pot in illegal states?

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How I wish you were right. God, please, just get this over with before I turn into a Darth Vader. I can't last any longer.

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If you want help, pray to the Lord and ask him to give you the strength to endure. I have already prayed the same for you, so if you also pray, we will be in agreement.... and there is more power in prayer when two agree.

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Many shops refuse bills over $20. It is reasonable. It is not to prevent you from using cash, it is to prevent you from being an asshole.

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I'd pay but I only got a $1000 USD bill.

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$1k bills are no longer circulated.

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ATM machines dispense $100 bills and they are legal tender for all transactions, both public and private. Is that being rude?

Using cash would save the store the fees associated with using an electronic payment. Every time we use a credit card, the store has to pay a merchant fee, and it could be argued then that it is more rude to use a card instead of cash.

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Automated Teller Machines often dispense $20s. I haven't gotten a $100 from an ATM in many years despite taking out the max when I withdraw from them. Businesses have to keep change available. Paying in larger than normal bills eats up all their available smaller bills for change making. That is why they cap it at $20s. Don't be the ass, if you only have hundreds buy something more reasonable to break it first or stop by your bank to do so. It is not better to deal with your large bills than to deal with the added fee for using a card. It is not a conspiracy against cash (or at least that is not a part of it) it is to help stop robberies and make keeping track of the till much more manageable.

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Idk about the "worldwide" part. Everywhere I go, I pay with cash.

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You might be helping to slow down the roll-out of the all-electronic payment system, because you use cash, but it is inevitable that cash will cease to be used. Soon, the dollar will be worthless. The prophecies must be fulfilled. God does not lie. He also has a way of escape, for those that acknowledge their Lord is not of this world: the man who died and rose again to pay their ransom.

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Oh, see ok, this explains it. You are mentally ill and have religious based delusions so you need this "no large bills" thing to be part of a conspiracy for your religious quackery to feel right. Ok... No need to engage with you any longer.

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Was it first thing in the morning? Store I worked at only kept 100 in the till so oonly way to break a 100 was after a few sales. No need to go all chicken little on us.

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It was lunch time.

A local ice cream shop has a sign on their counter: NO CASH. They completely refuse cash transactions using the currency we were told was legal tender for all transactions, both public and private. If you keep your eyes open, you should see the steady devaluation of the dollar and the emergence of a new all-electronic currency. The One World Order will require you worship the beast if you want to buy or sell. That worship of a strange god results in damnation. Those that stay faithful to Jesus at all costs will be saved.

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but arent you already involved in the new currency system? no bank account? no cash in pocket? no debit card? no cell phone?

that is the beast and it will own you.

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Money itself is not the problem, but worshiping the beast in order to use it will be. If they force people to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to reconcile us to God, in order to take part in the buying and selling, then that is evil.

The love of money is the root of all evil.

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you have obviously never walked with evil, as i have.

evil is usually rich.

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Those worldly riches are short-lived. Those that claim to be rich do not realize they are wretched, miserable, and poor in the spirit.