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For the cryptocurrency bit, check out the graph for the last 7 days, the total market cap has dropped from $220B to $200B:

I honestly expect cryptos to get down to a floor of about $100B before eventually spiking again. If the market seriously tanks, I think we'll see more people use cryptos as a hedge against stock market instability. But right now they're moving in tandem.

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Gold, despite heavy trading to keep the price down, is heading up. Maybe I can have a winter vacation after all. Hot diggity gumdrops.

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Interesting. Gold does seem at a low. I remember when it was $1800 several years ago, now it's $1200. I wouldn't be surprised to see gold move upward a lot if the stock market keeps going down.

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The dollar is slipping against some major currencies.

Stocks in orbit. Surely some revelation at hand.

Gold does seem at a low.

It's been dropping since June, but now looks like a turnaround. Vacation. Changes in latitude, changes in attitude. I got in way below $18000, and would like to quintuple the investment. Mustn't be too greedy.