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This simply isn't true. Ice melt is completely within norms this year. Well, it was a week ago, but now the site that gives the surface mass budget graphs has memory holed all of its data so I can't even link to it. Last year there were large gains, and up till last week, everything was above average (ie, less overall melt). I can't find any evidence (ie, published data) that supports the doom and gloom message.

2012-2012 had way faster melting.

Summer is completely normal. Maybe a bit chillier than average.

The big spike seen in the melt extent graph doesn't translate to unusual total melt.

The 'fear and panic' graph is here

The 'nothing really much going on tbh' graph is here

a spike in melt extent doesn't mean unusual amounts of ice are being lost. Since the surface ice mass budget graphs would put the lie to the FUD nasa is putting out, its little wonder the DMI pulled them