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"Sponsered by the Anti-Climate lobby"

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Imo this whole global warming thing has been hugely regressive for the environment. We've been arguing about C02 for a decade or two while glyphosate has contaminated everything, parks have been opened for drilling, deforestation continues, lead in Flynt, etc. etc.

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Exactly this. The environmental extremists don't care how much damage they do to humanity as long as they control the narrative. Assholes need to suck it up and let nuclear power happen.

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Yeah it's been such horseshit. They don't even wanna talk methane or corporate c02 emissions like m7 talks about. They just wanna figure out taxes against the working class and fancy Wall St bullshit, not even solutions.

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taxes against the working class

Because they don't represent the interests of working class individuals. They represent the interests if the wealthy elite.

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yeah naturally its not alone about C02 i agree, imo its strange thats the only thing they talk about, when you look at chemical/nuclear pollution etc, but it is man made pollution...or woman, but mostly man