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Will we move on or continue to flog this dead horse? Can anyone admit they were wrong anymore?

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That's post modernism for you. You should check out this thread explaining how it infiltrated nearly all institutions /u/d3rr:

Only the hard sciences are fighting back. Good post BTW thanks for sharing.

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Only the hard sciences are fighting back.

Good point. Climate scientists are not hard scientists.

They make "climate models" which have little or nothing at all to do with the actual climate.

Models that don't generate accurate predictions are useless.

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Good read Hibiki, thanks. I agree this "the science is settled" head in the sand stuff is certainly post modernism. Glad you enjoyed the post.

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Let's kill all the sides, by winning for the people. The oligarchy feeds us the 'we must learn to do more with less; while they have more, and more'.

Why not go after the global monopolized ocean vessels? 15 of those ships in one day, emit more pollution than all cars in the world in a given year. The cult of global warming sides with the big boys, and states,'but it's so efficient'...

Those ships are used for bottom line profit rigging; shipping raw materials elsewhere, while shipping finished goods back. Break this, break the profit, and foster local micro, and cottage industries instead.

Yet, the fact remains, there's so much profit tied to those ships, the warmista's will never go for it.

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Amen Sancho

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آمين Sancho.

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"Sponsered by the Anti-Climate lobby"

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Imo this whole global warming thing has been hugely regressive for the environment. We've been arguing about C02 for a decade or two while glyphosate has contaminated everything, parks have been opened for drilling, deforestation continues, lead in Flynt, etc. etc.

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Exactly this. The environmental extremists don't care how much damage they do to humanity as long as they control the narrative. Assholes need to suck it up and let nuclear power happen.

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Yeah it's been such horseshit. They don't even wanna talk methane or corporate c02 emissions like m7 talks about. They just wanna figure out taxes against the working class and fancy Wall St bullshit, not even solutions.

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taxes against the working class

Because they don't represent the interests of working class individuals. They represent the interests if the wealthy elite.

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yeah naturally its not alone about C02 i agree, imo its strange thats the only thing they talk about, when you look at chemical/nuclear pollution etc, but it is man made pollution...or woman, but mostly man

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Well, firstly, a single scientist can hardly create serious doubt on an issue that has been so heavily worked on by thousands of other scientists that already concluded with an overwhelming majority that human made climate change is real.

Secondly even non scientists can clearly tell by now that there are ever increasingly more extreme weather swings and natural disasters which are clearly a consequences of that climate change.

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  1. Not a single scientist or even team or even University
  2. They aren't denying climate change, rather they are saying humans didn't cause it

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We caused 10% of the c02 increase, or a change of 0.01°C in the last 100 years.* Maybe not insignificant. It's nice to have an actual estimate.

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I used to agree with you. I was dead wrong.

Man made climate change is a hoax to maintain control of the energy resources of the world. We have all been duped.

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Funded by which group?

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I tried to check a bit, but I don't know how. Do I look at who gives money to this Finnish college? Not much comes up for these scientists.

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Old news ? Watch this 10 min video that explains (in laymens terms) "The Cloud Factor":

even older (just correlating sun activity with earth climate, not specifically the cloud mechanism): The Great Global Warming Swindle (2007)

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The studies mentioned are new, but yes this cloud cover phenomena seems to have already been known.

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For those of you still following this, SkepticalScience has a debunk (or rather links to a debunking) of this:

But I'm not following this story in particular. If I want to make up my mind on climate change (but given all the other environmental problems with our current way of life, I see no reason to do so, it is clear transition is required), I'll start with the greenhouse effect.

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A little late to the presses...