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Stop the Wall Street +plant some damn trees and building a space ship to Mars would be better.

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I once interviewed a very intelligent man, Tom Blees. He wrote a book called, 'prescription for the planet, rx'. In this book, he went over several technologies that are already in existence, and most were created in the good ole' USA.

Unfortunately, only Russia is using them; mainly to ship their oil to Europe; go figure that for a second!

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Thanks for the recommended book, looking it up now - exactly the kind of stuff I enjoy. Thanks!!!!

Edit: sadly his book's website is broken and the parent directory now auto-redirects to Science Council

At least his stuff is still on amazon

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yep i agree, instead of trying to save this planet, NO lets go invade other planets and destroy them aswell

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I don't see how we would destroy other planets that are unlivable outside totally enclosed and self-sufficient habitats. Mars will kill us, instead.

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we are like cockroaches or parasites, leave it up to Humans to fack stuf up...some dude wil find a rare material it will be worth a lot of money ,then more people gonne look for it and start to Mine the planet damaging it others will clame they where someplace 1st and it is their place and start a war about it etcetcetc.

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Like quantum entangled liquids that can be used for faster than light communication, say?

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21st century; where humans have been so deceived that people would rather spend all of our resources on going to a fictional dead planet than living a healthy life of freedom off the grid.

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Anything is better than the here and now.

All by design.

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    ¿Por qué no los dos?