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See, earth hasn't only have to deal with climate change due to human expansion, the human also produces a lot of poison everyday that causes a lot of problems and not only the land empires are suffering from it, but the empires of the sea as well. Think about Fukushima - just because they paid money to make the topic disappear from the media, it doesn't mean the topic was over. They never tell you what the main reasons for the desaster is. Toxic industrial and medical waste or the relevance of breeding, feeding and slaughtering livestock animals are the biggest factors for the bad state of the environment, but are never ever mentioned in the media about that topic. Funny, they even stopped to blame cars since it came out that they really make a great factor as well. Climate change is just a summed up result from all the damage caused by the human behaviour, especially the further progressing cutting down of the rainforests plays a major role as long as our planetary position in the cosmos does not change dramatically. The current great extinction of species is definitely not caused by the solar flare over our heads, but by inorganic waste made by the human and, of course, especially through the massive disappearance of habitats and feeding grounds. Many animals out there starve to death or are forced to plunder people's garbage bins because they can no longer find their natural food. Also, most plants can't reproduce themselves without the appropriate insects, that includes most of our food plants as well. The extinction of these insects (half caused by human waste, half caused by climate change) will lead to a total catastrophe, so that people in their cities will starve to death, too. That these insects are struggling with extinction right now is a huge problem. More and more it becomes predictable that in the not so far future, the last children of mankind will climb along through the ruins of what we once used to call our civilisation, irradiated, scruffy, slummy, neglected and half-starved, heavily fighting for the last bits of poisonous food in the most violent wars that this world has ever seen.