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It's also tumorous tissue likely to provoke cancer it its consumers.

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Epic fail.

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It was always going to fail when environmentalists have downplayed and outright lied about the emissions needed to support their own lifestyle for decades.

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It's still a new technology, making fun of it now is premature

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Wrong. Literally everything they have forced onto the world in an effort to fight the climate boogeyman has ALWAYS been significantly worse than what they intended to replace.

This is simply another example of a half assed attempt to get the goyim to adhere to communism

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Reason for my other comment.

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Not on this site.

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I would change that to "Just eat the vegan"

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Once upon a time, in a small rural town named Meadowville, there lived a farmer named John. He was an ordinary man with an extraordinary idea that would change the way people thought about farming. You see, John was facing a significant challenge – there was a shortage of open farming land in his region, and his farm was on the brink of foreclosure.

Determined to save his family's livelihood, John started thinking outside the box. He spent countless nights researching and experimenting until he stumbled upon a revolutionary concept. Inspired by advancements in biotechnology, John devised a method to grow meat in his pants. Yes, you read that correctly – his pants.

With limited farming space available, John realized that he could utilize the warmth and humidity of his pants to create a controlled environment for growing meat. He carefully designed a system of tubes and chambers that would provide the necessary nutrients, temperature, and moisture for the meat to thrive. It was an unorthodox approach, but John believed it could be the answer to his farming woes.

Word of John's unconventional farming method quickly spread throughout the town. People were both fascinated and skeptical, unsure of how meat could possibly grow in someone's pants. However, when they saw the results firsthand – succulent cuts of meat produced by this peculiar process – they were amazed.

The town's skepticism soon transformed into curiosity, and before long, John's pants became the talk of the region. Restaurants and markets eagerly lined up to purchase his unique, locally grown meat. John's farm, once on the brink of foreclosure, now thrived with a newfound sense of purpose.

However, while John's farming endeavors brought financial stability to his family, it didn't come without its share of personal challenges. His wife, Sarah, had always been supportive, but the stress of their financial struggles took a toll on her. She turned to drugs as a means to cope, seeking solace in the temporary escape they provided.

Desperate to help save the farm, Sarah turned to a life she never imagined she would lead – prostitution. It was a dark secret she kept hidden from her family, working late nights in the shadows of the town's underbelly. Her heart ached with guilt, but she believed it was the only way to keep their farm afloat.

Meanwhile, their daughter, Emily, was growing up in a world shadowed by the family's hardships. She saw firsthand the toll it took on her mother and the strain it put on their relationships. As she grew older, she found herself drawn to a life that offered quick money and power – the world of drugs.

Emily became a drug dealer, navigating the dangerous underworld with ease. Her sharp wit and intelligence made her a force to be reckoned with. But it didn't end there. Emily's skills caught the attention of a clandestine organization, and she was recruited as a professional assassin. Her life became a delicate balance between dealing drugs and carrying out covert missions, all while keeping her true identity hidden from her family.

Uncle Frank, John's eccentric and free-spirited brother, added yet another layer of complexity to their already complicated lives. Frank was a transgender cabaret dancer, unapologetically embracing his true self and challenging societal norms. He had always been a guiding light for John, offering support and acceptance in a world that often shunned those who dared to be different.

While the family struggled with their individual battles, they always found solace and support within each other's company. Despite their unconventional circumstances, they loved one another deeply and drew strength from their bond.

As time went on, John's pants became a symbol of resilience and innovation. The town began to view them not as a source of amusement, but as a testament to human ingenuity and determination. People marveled at the farmer who