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It's not rocket science mate. I've melts more when it's hotter.

That's not at issue at all and bas nothing to do with the math. How many BTUs are being retained by man made CO2? Where is the math on that? How many BTUs are retained by other factors? Where is the math on that?

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There's lots of papers that decompose the warning into natural and anthropogenic warming.

I'm bored of arguing with flat earthers, but look up Stott et al (2000) , titled something like "control of 20th century warming by natural and anthropogenic forcing" for the first one, and papers over the past 22 years that cite that one. Meehl et al. either 2004 or 2005 has an interesting piece of mathematics showing approximate linearity of the warning to forcing. As in the temperature response to forcing is approximately additive.

But there's a lot of literature for you to read there. Bottom line, natural forcing contributed to dinner of the warning prior to about 1950, but the world would have cooled again since then. Nearly 100% of the warning since 1900 is anthropogenic, and more than 100% of the warning since 1950 is anthropogenic.

I don't have the time or inclination to go through the math in detail with a flat earther, but if you have the inclination to go through it yourself, that should get you started.