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One of the dumbest claims that comes from the useful idiots is that ocean acidification will kill all life in the ocean, and they usually focus on coral. The major claim is that coral can't survive if co2 in the water goes up even a tiny bit.

This is shoe on head retarded. Historically atmospheric co2 was as high a 4kppm right now it is at 400ppm. During those times there was far more life on earth. Far more biodiversity. And in particular corral are the oldest form of life on earth. They survived many ice ages and warm periods. Far warmer than we can make it, and with Far more Co2 than can conceivably be produced in hundreds of years.

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aside from which it is physically, practically, impossible for the ocean to ever be actually acidic. Sulfuric acid spews out of vents in the sea floor and the sea water nearby is still basic. People who think this is going to be a problem fail to comprehend how very, very much water is in the sea!

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This was true years ago. I saw articles saying it was coming back to life on minor news feeds and still nothing from big media in the country about it.