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Nobody tells me about the children Maddie and Jonathan had so I really don't know... As you may know, I'm the black sheep of the family so they never tell me what is going on with the family. You maybe should outline the family tree. Oh, are you Jim's children by marriage? It's embarrassing that I don't know more about you and the family. Greetings, and let's keep in touch all the time.

Does this site agree with your politics more or less? For me it's just a hobby that helps me keep up with what's happening in the US.

This channel is private. Wow, just wow.

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Thanks. They were not related and it was a big coincidence. Also no identifying info was used. Still good to know.

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Hey Audry and Russ: that was a funny coinkidink. I'm downloading that movie but it is taking forever.

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I've got it now and will watch it soon. Thanks again for the laugh.