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My immediate genuine reaction of "omg no I love bananas" shows 3 things: 1) I really love bananas a lot 2) enough to "worry" about this simply by the headline 3) which I think was the first thing to really slip by my hardened shell of immediate skepticism in a while, lol...I know lots of shit is going really bad in the world, but it's not every day I fear for my lifestyle...

If it's true, oh well, I've heard humans have similar DNA to bananas so they'll probably just start harvesting us to create 'nanas ;-P

PS I'm not sharing my banana nice cream recipes because then you guys will eat all my bananas

PPS jk -- freeze chunked (and then mashed in the bag for best results) bananas for like a day or less and then experiment by blending in (or if you're me just lazily smooshing in) delicious milks like protein nutmilk and powders like powdered pb or strawb carnation, or whatever tf makes you happy because this treat will!!! So yummy lol

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What was Beethoven's favorite fruit? Ba na na na

Mnemonic, I apologize, but all you guys are asleep and there is no one to play with.

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Don't apologize for banana jokes! Lol

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Couldn't hear you. I've got a banana in my ear.

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Lol touché