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ring ring

Yeah, thunderfoot...yeah here is another one....yeah I know your tired of this garbage but people just keep falling for it...

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Read up on current technology before you trash it. Also, learn to spell you friggin neaderthal

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Thunderfoot was the first person I thought of when I saw the headline.

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Why would I need this expensive solar panel on my driveway where it can get damaged, as opposed to on my roof or literally anywhere else where it won't risk getting damaged? Oh, the article explains it:

Installation of the is ground solar panel is generally easier than solar panels which are attached to rooftops.

Tearing up my driveway to wire this in through the ground is definitely not easier than getting a panel fitted to my roof and drilling one hole in the wall. Also, I don't get to park on my tiny driveway with space for 1 car either, because I'm not a millionaire who owns a mansion like the pic in the article.

Instead, I am being forced into parking elsewhere and driving every day to work, otherwise I'm blocking my solar panel nearly 24/7. That is hilarious.

Wind damage is another issue which Platio Solar’s product neatly avoids. For people living in areas prone to strong winds and storms, the danger of solar panels getting ripped off a roof is real.

If only there was a better way for people to harness renewable energy in areas with heavy wind...

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Then there’s the strength factor. Once compressed into pavers, the material is more durable than concrete.

Tire rubber is about as tough and durable as it gets. Can it be tougher than tire rubber?

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Solar will not be able to replace a constant power source without a lot of storage. Just look at some off grid people's videos, even watching machines will need to be timed in order to not drain the battery too much. This doesn't solve that inherent problem.