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    I'm not afraid they'll go bankrupt, their numbers are only going to go up-up-up over the long term. I'm just hoping they get some of the pain of the average joe first.

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    Yeah like back in 2008 once things crash those with the cash will go a a spending spree.

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    Oh no! They hadn't considered that! /s

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    IMO, they're going to drive the housing market down as far as they can then spike it back up again, over and over, as much as they can - and pump all owners of their wealth until few survive the housing musical chairs game.

    In the end they'll over-regulate those who remain and punish all non-conformists by drowning them in red tape.

    Long live Vampire Blackstone in existential angst to suffer the eternal tortures of the soulless damned.

    The sooner my fuckwad landlord of a year-and-a-half is removed the better. I just hope the banksters won't fuck with me too.