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Odd. I can barely manage 7 hours without feeling like I've overslept.

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Some people need less than others. If I get less than 7 consistently, I feel so insanely tired and begin to microsleep all the time. I'm kind of envious of people who only need like 5 a night and can be ok.

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I'm okay with 6 consistently, although I find that it's easier for me to go with an irregular sleep schedule and jump between 4 and 8 hours as needed. I don't start feeling extra sleepy unless I sleep less than 6 hours for several weeks. I used to think I had really bad insomnia as a kid since I was expected to sleep 8-9 hours and frequently didn't fall asleep until two or three in the morning.

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Interesting, I used to have insomnia as a kid, and I've come to realize it's because I wasn't tired at bedtime. I seem to have a 28-34 hour circadian rhythm if I naturally let it go without trying to force it back in to 24 hours.

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I haven't ever thought about a circadian rhythm. It's honestly pretty irregular for me, though I can basically just sleep whenever I want to.

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Yeah the circadian thing took me until I was like 22 to figure out. I just notice that I keep going to bed later, and later and later... until one day I just get no sleep, or I double-sleep, and then it re-aligns things and I'm back to going to bed at 11am instead of 6am. But it's always drifting like that, it puts me on about a 28-34 hour circadian rhythm.

I also have a lot of "momentum", waking up takes a while, as does falling asleep.

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I've honestly never experienced anything like that. I usually just have a set sleep schedule though, to try to use my time well (then watch videos online for two hours after I wake up super early, negating the purpose of the entire routine). That's kinda cool.

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Yeah it's cool most of the time with the longer waking periods as I can get a lot done. But it sucks when you wake up at 6 in the evening and the whole waking period it's dark outside, and you just basically have to wait a few days for your rhythm to realign to daytime lol

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Do you not have any control over it?

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I have some control over it, but I can never stresslessly conform to the 24h rhythm for months on end. It's always a struggle tbh

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"There are also many, many misconceptions about sleep: that you can “catch up” on the weekend for lost hours of shuteye."

Whatever, maybe if you have a desk job. When every muscle is aching from labor it absolutely helps, your body will naturally want to sleep longer to repair.

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I never get enough anyway.

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You should work on that, sleep is super important to mental health and happiness!

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