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Reminder: These are epidemiological studies, so correlation is the best you can hope for.

They should conduct a similar study in Japan, where obesity is (conceivably) less of a factor, or some similar population. Cause some may avoid animal fats to lose weight. It won't help loser weight, but many were fooled into this idea in the 90's.

It would also help to somehow factor out the "man made global warming" brainwashing as a confounding factor. That's likely impossible in Germany.

The conscientious German culture (much respect ;-) is actively trying to prevent what they see as an imminent catastrophe. Concerned individuals may be more inclined to stress about the future, which may contribute to mental health issues.

This is an exceptionally broad subject. Most human problems fall into the "mental illness" category.

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Here is the take home message. Don’t believe all the big print headlines extolling the harms (or benefits) of our complex relationships with other species. And be especially wary of health claims that start with “The researchers found a link between...”