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Hey old, sorry about that. Looking at their post history, I caught about half of the flags and removed them. The report system works where I basically have to see the post myself to remove it, there's no "here are the flagged posts" section for admins (which is something maybe we should build) but instead I have to catch each flagged post in the wild. It's not the best system.

Anyway, this user is obviously an advertising spambot so I've removed them from the site. Thanks for the heads up. I do want to stay on top of this, but I can't respond to stuff while I'm sleeping and so on... we'll think about how to design a better system for this. Anyway, the user is now banned, thanks for the heads up.

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    Thanks! I banned that person too. This is helpful for you to identify the obvious ad spammers. I just made a sub called /s/saiditCleanup where people like yourself can now report ad spammers in a manner similar to the conversation we're having. There's been about 15 of them so far that have been banned. I've removed most of them that I've seen, but a few sneak through like the ones you pointed out. It's like weeding a garden, we just have to stay on top of it. Thanks for the help!