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Islam has only been as hostile as it is to Jews today because of the creation of Israel and the ensuing wars in the region. In fairly recent history Muslim and Jews have collaborated, the Umayyad invasion of Spain a good example.

Older forms of both Paganism and Christianity were far more hostile to the Jews but in practice today they're accepting. And even with the Muslims only Palestine and Iran are really resisting Jewry as opposed to the Gulf countries.

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Nazism was Pagan.

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Why do you say National Socialism was Pagan? Over 90% of NatSoc Germany believed in Protestantism and Catholicism.

I read the majority of NatSoc Germany followed some modified version of Christianity and minority followed Paganism.

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The people at the top were Pagan. That's pretty well understood.

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Only really Himmler, those under him, and a couple others. But had they won the war it would've revived and probably superseded Christianity by now. Same thing is happening today but slower. Most people believe in astrology, a lot more people than in the past believe in other relatively pagan elements.

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Hitler and Rosenberg were Pagan as well. Rosenberg was probably the most fanatical. He literally wanted to flatten all churches in Germany. Hitler was far more pragmatic though. At the end of the day almost all of the top dogs in the Nazi hierarchy were Nietzscheans.

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I thought Hitler was either atheist or somewhat vaguely spiritual honestly. though i suppose the latter is pagan revivalism in some form

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They were trying to phase out Christianity. They planned to eventually send Christians away too, but they couldn't do that when they made up 90% of the country.

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I always wondered how that would even work. How is it even possible to get 90% of a population to change their religion?

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Yeah. I was also thinking about Martin Luther's views on JQ. Christianity is complete opposite now.

Don't Gulf countries only support Israel because they hate Iranian Shias even more? I don't know much about Shia vs. Sunni.

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It's ironic that Martin Luther thought that, when almost the whole Bible was written by Jews.

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Oh yeah lol.

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Christianity is literally a branch of Judaism. It was only hostile to Judaism in the past for the same reason Islam is now.

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Christianity castigated those Jews who denied Christ as the Messiah and as God from the start before the Bible was written. There's a lot of negatives with Christianity but different circumstances

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Yes, in principle Islam is the most hostile religion to Jews, while Evangelical Christians and Hindus are the most Judeophilic. But many Muslims (including Muslim intellectuals) are still quite ignorant about Jews and their role in modern civilization. On Youtube there is a popular Iranian Sunni fundamentalist named Daniel Haqiqatjou (he goes by the moniker "Muslim Skeptic") who is very good at attacking and deconstructing Liberalism, Feminism, and Secular Modernity more generally, but even he basically avoids the Jewish Question. He once had a debate/discussion with Mark Collett, the famous British White Nationalist, and while that conversation was productive and both Mark and Daniel agreed that Liberalism was evil, I don't think Daniel was willing to accept the enormity of Jewish influence on modern Western civilization. He continued to attack the spectre of "Liberalism" without looking at the actual actors who played a crucial role in propagating the liberal, feminist, and secular values that Daniel attacks. I think Jung's maxim is very apt here: people don't have ideas, but rather, ideas have people. And Liberalism undeniably has Jews as its "brahmin" caste, its intellectual defenders and propagators.

If I had to judge which Muslim groups are the most Jew-aware, I would say the Lebanese Shias and Palestinians (for obvious reasons) are at the top, followed by Iranian Shias who are pro-Islamic Revolution. The Houthis of Yemen also deserve a mention.

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Well said. Also, is there any reason why Hindus love Jews? Have they always? Is it only recent because of Israel and anti-Muslim views?

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It's almost entirely because of Israel and common anti-Muslim views. Hindu nationalists are anti-Christian and anti-Muslim but tend to be pro-Israel. They have no reason to be anti-Jew, since their opposition to Christianity and Islam is based entirely on those religions having a large and increasing presence in India, while Judaism doesn't proselytize.

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It's quite disappointing how ignorant Indian nationalists are concerning Judaism and the of International Jewry. Their power doesn't lie in sheer human numbers and the skill to wage war, but in finance, ideology, and the terrifying ability to spread the most entropic ideas throughout the world.

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    Paganism was subverted into shitlibbery

    Genuine Paganism? Not a chance.

    just like Christianity has been for the most part.

    Christianity is shitlibbery.

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    Even if they were aware of global jewry and its efforts to undermine European civilisation they would probably support them.

    Lol yeah. Despite the mistreatment of Christians in Israel, many Christians still love and proudly support Israel.

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    Evangelicals are nothing more than Zionist stooges. These are the type of cucks who say things like 'You can't criticise Israel because Jesus was a Jew!' or 'If Jesus were alive, he would support Israel!'

    Medieval Catholics were far more hostile to Jews than modern day Christians who are influenced by the Scofield Bible.