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Weird, whitey still outperforms niggers academically according to the same source?

For example, pupils of black, Pakistani and Bangladeshi ethnic origin tend to perform worse, on average, in national tests and exams taken at school than their white British counterparts.

Weird, according to the same source, whitey still makes more money, while going to college the least?

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Can someone explain these statistics, which differ dramatically from the American ones?

Is it really?

You can find African immigrants who are doing better than the average American. The reason of course is they are selected from the top 1% of their home countries.

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Systemic oppression and brain drain immigration

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European brain drain is real. The US keeps stealing some of our best minds.

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Black American culture is based on British working class culture.

It's a culture based on the idea you can get a decent wage doing unskilled or manual labour so you don't need an education. In fact an education can make you disliked in your community. Of course the world has changed with globalisation so the wages for those unskilled jobs have been rock bottom for a couple of decades but the culture hasn't caught up with that. Those guys who were bought up with the belief they could raise a family digging holes either have to throw themselves on the mercy of the government or find less legal ways to make money because they are actively anti-self-improvement .