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There's really nothing new to be said or even debate. These articles boil down to "Whites must cease existing" which only has 2 outcomes. You either support leaving White people alone or you want to destroy them.

There will never be equality as long as race differences in biology exist. He should be advocating for seperation from White people like Malcolm X did.

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What are your thoughts or rebuttals to the arguments presented?

Niggers should go to black universities. They have them all over the country. They are called HBCU.

Should this be shared/propagandized by the right in order to pull Whites towards White Nationalism?

No. White people have already seen stuff like this and it doesn't bother them because they've entered into a bargain to ignore it. White people won't join our side until they're faced with a bad bargain.

If you engage with the writer in a debate, what would you ask or debate with him?

If you let too many dumb niggers into a university, it won't be prestigious anymore, thus letting in more of them won't do you any good. White universities have to be restricted to the best and brightest niggers, otherwise they end up like Charlotte school of law. White universities aren't built on magic dirt.

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My response? Shut up, Blackie.