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Christian Zionism, trannies and interracial porn

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Consumerism and nihilistic libertarianism, some degree of ethics mixed in but very nihilistic regardless. It's very different to how things used to be in the old traditionalist systems.

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The White American soul at its core is literally Faustian. There is an endless thirst for more for the individual white American who sees himself as an ubermensch. The American mind is still subconsciously fighting for the frontier, everyone still wants to be a cowboy.

This soul is what sprouted a lot of great philosophy and art in the 19th century. The Progressive movement, Transcendentalism and such are American products that come from this Nietzschean-esque and more positive rights English type liberalism kind of ethos that is moreso an expression of the Personality, (in Evola's terms) rather than the kind of negative rights French type individualism/liberalism of anarchism.

Don't quote me on the English and French liberalisms, I have not read these philosophers. I am just using them as archetypes and I'm trusting Spengler's word that they are accurate descriptors.

But yeah, as we have seen when there is a lack of pro-social institutions and an active attempt to subvert these instincts into hedonism, extreme selfishness etc it's very easy to manipulate people into being the literal worst people on the planet.

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Being overly obsessed with words and attention to detail.

Law of attraction, you create your reality literally (so you are always to blame for what happens to you).

Unanchored guilt which needs to find a reason to attach itself to.

Edit: Also an obsession with medicalising everything and psychotherapy.

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Good and normal. Whitey doesn't nigra up his home.

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Look around you. Literally everything around you. Someone who doesn't understand American culture (and America is white LOL) fails to recognize that everything in their life is an example of it. We're steeped in it. Blue jeans, blackwall tires, smooth roads, electricity, all of it