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You really have to visit Paris to see how bad it is. There are tent cities all over the place and nigger pick pockets and beggers everywhere. I don't understand how they could let it get this bad.

I don't know how long France has had open borders? Has it always been this way or did open borders happen with the EU? In any case, it seems no papers are required to enter France and it has been filled with niggers and mooslims.

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National immigration policies have nothing to do with the EU. The Pakis in the UK. The Turks in Germany. The Somalis in Sweden. The Algerians in France. It were national governments who made all of that happen, going back all the way to the 1950s even. If anything it was the US, not the EU, that pushed for that madness.

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As far as I can tell, western Europe has open borders. Has it been that way since the 1950s?

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The vast majority of non-whites in Western Europe come from gastarbeiders from decades ago. The open borders of the EU are between EU members.

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The open borders of the EU are between EU members.

Yes but once these people get into the EU, I imagine the open borders make it very difficult to track and deport these people.

Also, doesn't this mean they only need one sucker EU nation to give them a visa? African niggers can get a visa to Lithuania, then move to slums in Paris.

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Fair enough.

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Didn't America have the same thing during the George Floyd riots? I remember small militias coming out in times when the police were either pre-occupied or neutered.

Ultimately, it didn't actually move the window. In a lot of ways, the country reverted.

The media sided with the protest, and anyone caught doing self-defense were seen as "evil Nazis" like Kyle Rittenhouse.

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yeah rittenhouse was part of one

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In retrospect, the 2020 riots can be seen as an attempt by communist wannabes to spread a reign of terror through urban areas, to the suburbs, and to the countryside. Just like the Red terror in revolutionary Russia. Unfortunately for Antifa and BLM, their reign of terror was contained almost soley to the citys. Whenever they went out to the suburban areas to riot, they were met with armed militias who drove them back.

Thats why Kyle Rittenhouse inspired so much irrational hatred among the communist wannabes. He was a symbol of the white conservatives who resisted them with force. Because of Americas gun culture, the riots never really took off into a revolution. Antifa and BLM were limited to rioting in democrat controlled citys, where there were no militias to confront them.

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Because of Americas gun culture, the riots never really took off into a revolution

Revolution? BLM and Antifa couldn't really turn into a revolution because they were already in power. All of America's largest and most powerful institutions already supported black lives matter ideology and the riots.

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they have a long term plan, they want to move the overton window left a little at a time

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there's a lot the media didn't report on about BLM, like the militias driving terrorists back, rittenhouse was focused on cuz he killed a j,connected ewish pedo and the rich were very mad about that.

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weak backlash. so far that original 17 year old criminal is the only to die. hundreds of innocents dead (media covering up there)

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    Yes, and VERY LARGE groups of French nationalists chanting "Bleu, blanc, rouge, la France aux français!" scaring away and smashing limbs of those mud-slimes.

    This is the place where the rigtheous anger of the Franks is reborn and will finally BREAK the camel's back, once and for all.

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    How likely do you think it is for a coup to go through without US intervention? A significant amount of French youth are joining on the ground groups but that alone isn't enough.

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    0% chance.

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    If France/Germany movements coordinate and find all the nuclear caches...that's basically the only shot it'd take too long to wait for America to Brazilify

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    Even when the US looks like Brazil its elite will still be very powerful.

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    The US will never allow a country like France to go identitarian. Never.

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    I think they should try

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      It won't be long and the Queen herself will be ejected from Buckingham Palace and it will be converted into a mosque.

      Queen who? The Queen Consort Camilla? Her and her Husband, King Charles III have said nothing, done nothing, as more and more niggers and mooslims invade the United Kingdom. He sat back as his son married a woman with nigger blood, while nigger women worldwide celebrated black infiltration of the "royal" family.

      Ideally, whites would eject these fake monarchs, but If they reach their end by mooslims, it's well deserved.

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      A 7 day old account? Nice try, troll.

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      The guys in Lyon ended up getting fired on by System pigs lmao

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      I am not surprised. The pigs were probably told, "I leave it up to you guys" or something like that.