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Since before the beginning of the World War II, Bose was opposed to the attempts to grant Jewish refugees asylum in India.[148][149] The great anti-Jewish pogrom called “the Night of Broken Glass” happened on 9 November 1938. In early December, the pro-Hindu Mahasabha journals published articles lending support to German anti-Semitism. This stance brought Hindu Mahasabha into conflict with the Congress which, on 12 December, issued statement containing references to recent European events. Within the Congress, only Bose opposed this stance of the party. After some months in April 1939, Bose refused to support the party motion that Jews can find refuge in India.[53][150][151][152][153][154] In 1938, Bose had denounced Nazi racial policy and persecution of Jews.[155] However, in 1942 he had published an article in the journal Angriff, where he wrote that Indians were true Aryans and the 'brethren' of the Germans. Bose added that Swastika (symbol of Nazi Germany) was an ancient Indian symbol. Bose urged that anti-Semitism should be part of Indian liberation movement because the Jews assisted the British to exploit Indians.[156] The Jewish Chronicle had condemned Bose as "India's anti-Jewish Quisling" over this article.[157]

He sounds like a proto-boomer. Some based takes followed by some stupid ones.

That said, had the Axis won he would have been forced to adopt the same ideology and be a puppet. Like a Fidel Castro/Pinochet of India.

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So after 1942, Bose changed his mind and agreed with JQ. Is he likely lying just for AH to support him and Indian independence? It makes sense why his views changed in a few years.

I have pretty much only seen Indian/ Hindu Nationalists praise Bose AND Israel. I don't think Bose or Indians support or care about fascism. They seem to only focus on Hinduism.

Also, what the hell does he mean: "Indians were true Aryans and the 'brethren' of the Germans."

In MK, Aryan means European origin like German or English. Not Indians from India. Bose read MK, so surely he already knows that.

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You can be aware of the Jew and still be cringe on race and spirituality which Bose was. His diary entries show that he was never truly on Germany's side, he fought much harder for the Japanese while he prohibited his soldiers from doing anything other than training with the Germans. Bose also wasn't really in support of Hinduism so the Hindunat support of him is retarded. Keep in mind these guys praise Hitler and Jews in the same breath (very Spencerian).

"Indians were true Aryans and the 'brethren' of the Germans."

Genetically we are distant cousins but 'Aryan' in its unadulterated form only really exists in Europe and rarely in West Asia. So latter part vaguely maybe true, though as true as it is with Arabs who are also mixed.

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So why did Bose fight harder for IJA? Is it because Bose knew AH didn't respect India? I read a story that Bose wanted AH to apologize for defending British colonialism of India in MK, but AH didn't apologize.

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Asian solidarity plus they didn't have the same racial ideology, at least openly towards him. Bose, with his ambition to unite a diverse race under one flag of their own, was opposed to NS racial ideology and thus to Hitler. He only fought at all for Hitler because Stalin refused him.

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Makes sense. That video said Stalin refused Bose because Stalin thought Bose was a British spy. So if Stalin didn't think that, would Bose and Indian Legion have likely fought passionately for the USSR?

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Possibly, might've ended up that India would've ended up in the Eastern Bloc with that outcome

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He was a pro-Islamist commie himself but his actions were pro-Axis. If you want to talk Indian fascists pre-Independence RSS (especially what they did in Kashmir) and Asit Krishna Mukherjee (who facilitated Bose's connection to Japan and later married Savitri Devi to protect her from prosecution) would be more apt.

Bose was very much against the racial ideology of National Socialism as was the RSS to some extent so Mukherjee would be the first real NS Indian.

Also Zoltanous I'm pretty sure is an anti-white cryptoleftist christcuck if I'm not confusing him with someone else.

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Oh ok. Then, I am not sure why this video is even on Zoltanous's channel.

How is RSS fascist? They said nothing about JQ.

I don't know if you are right about Zoltanous. Keith Woods and Zoltanous are just where I go to learn about fascism.

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Zoltanous from what I've heard likes elevating brown cryptoleftists, Bose being one of them. Idt Keith Woods is anti-white like him though.

How is RSS fascist? They said nothing about JQ.

Savarkar (founder of their ideology) did say plenty in favor of NS and the JQ. Though he wasn't in favor of NS for India

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Who are other potential brown or nonwhite cryptoleftists? Do you also mean Zoltanous's video on DPRK and Juche?

Yeah, I see what Savarkar said. What about Golwalkar's pro-Jew views? Any reason why most modern Hindu Nationalists support Israel? Why are they ignoring their founder?

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I haven't rlly watched his videos tbh but there was a big outcry against them on Telegram. The other brown leaders are explicit leftists or anti-white people that they promote because muh anti-US. Prob the greatest example of a modern cryptoleftist is Putin

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Sounds like "cryptoleftist" is what you call anyone who is actually based

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there was a big outcry against them on Telegram.

Probably from thuletide supporters and neocon kike scum

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Thuletide? Ah him yes, sometimes good sometimes shit

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What does AZOG cum taste like? I'd like to know.

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My eyes are slowly turning blue...

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Unironically this. he is me fr fr. I ain't supporting Ukraine just because they happen to have blue eyes and blonde. If you are white, blonde and blue eyed and you are a liberal. You are dead to me, i don't care about those people.

Supporting Russia is also a "the worse the better" strategy, what would happen if Ukraine wins? Nothing, only a continuation of liberalism and the end of history. If Russia wins? Only God knows, but something will happen then

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the absolute state of this sub