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This is actually a very good question. We may never know for sure what their true motives are for doing this, but here are some possible reasons nonetheless.

One possible explanation might simply be that the tobacco industry is one of the few major industries that's still relatively WASP (or more generally white gentile) dominated compared to most other major industries, whereas the marijuana industry (a relatively new industry) is mostly controlled by Jewish elites (this explanation is purely speculative and I don't have actual data on this, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

Another explanation might be that the elites demonize smoking tobacco because it's a typical European pastime with colonial origins which is historically associated with (conservative) "white male culture", and also has the potential to boost testosterone levels and curb obesity, whereas they promote marijuana because it's associated with leftist subcultures like the hippies, modern black culture and LGBT culture as well as "woke culture" in general, and also makes people dumb, apatethic, docile, weak, unwilling to reproduce and generally more receptive to leftist ideas and sensibilities.

Then, of course, you have the most woke/normie/PC explanation that decades of research have simply shown smoking tobacco to cause severe and potentially lethal health problems such as lung cancer, whereas there isn't conclusive evidence of smoking marijuana on its own without tobacco added to it causing significant physical health problems. However, this explanation fails to address why the same governments and other institutions that have been going after tobacco for a while are now also starting to crack down on vaping (which is relatively harmless, and doesn't have anything in common with tobacco aside from the fact that both contain nicotine). This explanation also conveniently ignores the extreme addictiveness of marijuana combined with the many psychological health issues it can potentially cause (which tobacco, let alone vaping, could never cause), by seletively solely focusing on physical health.

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Weed makes people docile and retarded. I hate it. I tried it once when I was a teenager and it just wasn't for me. It also stinks. Not to mention that every single person I know who smokes weed is a total loser or an anti-social piece of shit.

As far as tobacco is concerned, I absolutely love cigars. I always smoke at least one a week. Late at night with a brandy. Pure bliss...

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    Shut up

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    Oy vey

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    Just look at the typical person who smokes weed, and you will get your answer.

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    Drives up estrogen in men and it makes women fat and less appealing to men. Bottom line: weed drops birth rates (which is a HUGE globalist goal right now; not just in white areas).

    You'll also notice trends where jews promote industries that they have monopolized and fit their goals. Jews demonize industries they don't control and that don't fit their goals. Sometimes it's the same industry at different times. When slavery was monopolized by Jewish slave traders it was promoted; when they had divested, and it no longer fit their purposes, they opposed it. Both tobacco and weed usage have gone though Jewish promotion and Jewish demonization cycles depending on how it fit in with their agenda. Currently weed is being promoted and tobacco is being demonized. My guess is this has something to do with nicotine driving up test and reducing the spread of covid. Tobacco use has also been a common way to meet and socialize with other humans. Think smoke break circles at work and college. I think Jews want all these social opportunities limited or highly controlled. Meat is another good example of an industry that Jews have struggled to monopolize (because anglo ownership of ranches is a long standing tradition). Therefore Jews have continued to attack and demonize meat eating (it raises test as well; which jews don't like). I'm sure you will see big jewish oligarchs switch their position on meat if they manage to monopolize the industry and make the food fit in with their goals.

    Another bottom line: there is no 'truth' for Jews. The only truth is what makes them money and promotes their small little tribe towards world wide control and power. Truth is what's 'good' for Jews.

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    Have you met the average pot smoker?