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The neo-nazis I met in real life were just low-IQ dumbass whites who wish to loose their mindless violent racism on whichever target is the most convenient at the time. They are usually willing to gang up to beat down some blacks, but are completely unaware of the Jewish Question.

But these guys may be different from those we hear about on the international news scene, which seem more organized.

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oy vey

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You rang?

To answer the question it's because neo-nazis are just more jews posing as white as usual. The fucking slur "nazi" comes from a specific type of jew called ashkenazi for fucks sake.

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No it doesn't. Its just a mix of the words nationalist and socialist in german.

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Also wrong.

It was the Bavarian equivalent of 'Cletus' in America, from the name Ignatius. Jews and more urban, wealthier etc Germans would use it as a slur for 'backwards' rural people. The NSDAP was popular in Bavaria and Jews started calling them Nazis (Cletus, inbred, redneck) as a derogatory term. They embraced it to be defiant against class prejudice and other disgusting social ills caused by Jews and class society.

A major pillar of National Socialism is to eliminate class stratification and class conflicts.

Originally, the term was used in Germany before the rise of NSDAP as a colloquial and derogatory word referring to an awkward, backward, and clumsy peasant. It would go on to be used as a mockery of the name Ignatz—a German variation of Ignatius.

Indeed, Ignatz was a name common in Bavaria, the region from which the NSDAP emerged. This came to haunt them as opponents tried to draw parallels between the widely mocked name and the party.

Opponents of NSDAP also used the word “Sozi” prior to “Nazi” as a derogative representation of the word Sozialist or “Socialist” in English.

The First time the NSDAP published anything using the term was when Goebbels appropriated it in 1926 to make the 'Nazi-Sozi' (a pamphlet available on the Calvin College German Propaganda Archive) appropriating both the slur for poor people and the slur for anti-capitalists.

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This is correct, also what's interesting is that Ignatius (of Antioch) is an early Church Father (literally appointed by one of Jesus' apostles, John) who - like John - was extremely anti semitic. No wonder jews hate him, still 2000 years later.

One of his famous sayings is that Christianity did not come from Judaism but rather that Judaism is a perversion of Christianity.

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Where can I read more about John being extremely antisemitic?

And this argument for Judaism being a perversion of Christianity

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Where can I read more about John being extremely antisemitic?

Jesus calls Jews children of the devil and says lying is their native language in John 8:44
In 1 John 2:22 He says those who reject Jesus [ie. jews] are liars and antichrist and that they do not have God
In Revelations (I think it's written by john) Jesus calls them the "synagogue of Satan"

And this argument for Judaism being a perversion of Christianity

As for judaism being a perversion of Christianity, we have early church letters from Ignatius where he states this. You should be able to find it by searching for early church fathers and letters.

The argument in that letter is that we are saved by Grace, by Jesus, and not by following talmudic traditions.
You can also read the bible whenever Jesus discusses with the talmudic jews (pharisees), because he defeats them every time.

If you want non-mainstream arguments, then you can read into:

which is a site for Christian Identity

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Thanks friend.

I agree with everything you're saying, but what about those that quote the pro-israel/Jewish bible quotes people always bring up?

P.s., that website is amazing thankyou.

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The bible is very pro Israel. Israel is a Christian nation after all. Not a jewish one.

Do you have an example quote?