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The issue is defining terrorism. If someone who is pro white commits a crime it is labeled a white nationalist crime. If a black man who liked BLM on Facebook shoots a white guy is it a black terror attack? If a white guy attended a pro white rally and shot a black man two years later it would be called terrorism. Yet a black man who has attended a blm riot two years before killing a white person isn't a terrorist.

If someone pro white commits a crime their politics is always mentioned. If a Democrat or republican commits a crime their politics isn't mentioned unless they were a full time activist or had published a manifesto right before committing their crime.

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    Even Elon Musk said this was bullshit, a media psyop to call it wst.

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    Data doesn't matter. Power does.

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      I think what he was suggesting was that power decides what is true and false. We can have the all the data we need, but power can just lie and people will go along with it.

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      All you have to do is look at what they consider WST and it's a joke. They go out of their way to classify something as wst, like prison gang murders.

      In a nutshell, Citation Needed. But they have none, or like 1 minor event per year or something. Meanwhile Blacks rampage daily shouting "get whitey!" and that's NEVER terrorism. That's just keeds being playful.

      Good fences make good neighbors.