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Thanks! Those articles sound right. I went to those diverse, integrated public schools. Pretty much hell. In addition to most black kids not caring about their education, they constantly caused problems for innocent people.

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Sean Last has some data on school diversity

“Students at more racially diverse institutions are less happy. They report lower levels of positive emotional well-being and higher levels of negative emotional well-being and of negative life evaluation”.

Farris (2006) finds that black students are more likely to be bullies than are white students while white students are more likely than black students to be the victims of bullying. ... Farris finds that the more non-white students bully others, the more popular they are among their peers. This effect does not exist among white students. ... Farris also finds the following: “Regardless of race, attending a high-minority school increases risk of suicide significantly: for every one percentage point increase in the percent minority in the school, the likelihood of suicide increases by one percent.”

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Counter-Currents recently had an article series about this. The third part will probably be most helpful to you. Here it is.